International Ministries

House of Destiny has planted two additional churches in Malawi, Central America and Liberia, West Africa. 





House of Destiny, for several years, has been involved with helping the people of Haiti with everything from financial support, to medicine, to the preaching of the gospel, even to just visiting and letting the people there know that someone really cares for them.

HOD has embarked on a series of ventures in Haiti. We are currently mapping out tactics to dig fresh water wells that are so vital to the health of the people in the community of Calabasse. There are shipments of food, clothing, and medicine being shipped over from the Miami ports.

House of Destiny has dedicated itself to a new segment called "Mission to the Gulf". This mission is to help the hurricane victims and their families of the recent winds of Katrina that captured and tortured various areas in the Gulf shores. As HOD goes forward into these areas, we hope to expand our sector there with a medical facility and other pertinent necessities that are vital to the livelihood of the people who have been affected by this tragedy.

Periodically Evangelist Brenda Wilkins Manley, the founder of the House of Destiny, goes to places such as Russia, Jerusalem, India, and other countries to do the work of the Lord. It is a privilege to this incredible woman of God to host the Lord in such matters as foreign missions. Recently, Evangelist Manley has visited Haiti in a medicine drive to that country. Also, the House of Destiny is shipping out medicine via Partnering Medicine Evangelism to Africa, Haiti, other foreign countries, and yes, the disaster areas in need of our services here at HOD! House of Destiny is shipping out tractor trailer loads of medicine and supplies to stricken areas around the world, and we request that everyone send a much needed generous donation to help in the delivering of this medicine to these areas!