Plan of Service

Service is the essence "involved" and "exerted" towards those who are in need of that which HOD has to offer. But in order to bring this service into a reality in the lives of the ex-offenders, there must be a workable plan in doing so. Therefore, our plan of service involves first and far most, the spiritual teachings that will give the ex-offender a "true" sense of self worth, because without it, all else will be nullified and non-productive to any extended length of time. Spiritual growth (from our point of view) is vital in the mission of HOD.

What comes after the journey of spiritual growth has begun must be a priority in each individual. This is done by evaluating each ex-offender participant through a communicative effort between the individual and HOD in order to find the next vital step that is needed to be taken: for instance, one individual may not need housing when coming out of prison (because they have family), but may need help in finding a job; while another may need both housing and employment; and this sequence branches out into many other areas of health, counseling in marriage and such; it all depends on the situation of the individual's needs at that time. HOD is there longingly to help the ex-offender to succeed in life.

Coming out of prison can be an overwhelming task for many of these people. But once the individual is assessed for their needs, the program and connections to help fulfill these needs are in place to provide the needed services to these particular individuals. The plan of service at HOD, initially and longingly (in many areas}is to take advantage of the housing and mission type services already established and work directly together with these agencies as a unit to help propel these people back into the main-stream of life in society. HOD has also connected with the vocational and social security area agencies in order to direct the ex-offender to all the resources that are available for them in counseling, educational matters, health, job placement, and any other need that they may find themselves in need of.

HOD is a non-profit directional counseling agency that has connected with other help agencies to give the ex-offender a well-rounded chance at succeeding in the free society of this land that we all live in. HOD is an outreach for ex-offenders to make use of the services that are available to them., but more than likely have no knowledge of. Also, it is a generated training facility for the individual to gain access to spiritual, physical, educational, marriage, counseling and employment. HOD is a plan of service that is intended to connect with all aspects of the needs of the ex-offender.