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When Times Are Going Good

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 18:28 -- DLManley

We all must learn to be “extremely careful” when times are going good in our lives. Speaking of myself, I seem to be a master at screwing things up when they are going in my favor. The reason for this is human nature causes me to want to become “self-willed” at this point and take my life back into my own hands. That’s a disaster to take my life out of God’s hand back into my own. Each times I do this, I lose! Yet though I seem to keep doing it.

There is nothing in this world that has made me happy outside of that which God has blessed me with. But I, like most men, keep searching for something else that we never find.

I have to believe that after accomplishing my first goal, I must have succeeding goals to follow that are in line with the Lord’s will for my life. God must be the first resort in our lives, not the last. And in all of this there’s this thing called “humility” that must always be with us at all times. So, I ask God to help me to remember His victories in my life.

These things that I see and write seem easy, but for me, they’re not; because there are two consciousness in us. One is awake while the other is sleep! That’s why we don’t remember to remember the things that are vital for us in life. So we have to practice God’s help to assist us in learning to be consciously conscious of our internal examination of ourselves and learn to do everything to the “Glory of God!”

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