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Suffering into the Kingdom

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 14:09 -- DLManley

Easily said but difficult to do… Let’s be honest! The Word tells us to be in the same mind as Christ when it comes to this suffering (I Peter 4:1), because the individual who has suffered in the flesh have ceased from sin. Now this is where the difficulty comes into play. None of us love or even like having to suffer, but Acts 14:22 tells us to “Confirm the souls of the disciples and exhort them to continue in the faith, because through much tribulation do we enter into the Kingdom of God…” Oh by the way, the Kingdom is within each of us.

To confirm means to establish and perpetuate that confirmation at all times and encourage the disciples to continue in the faith. When and as we suffer, God has placed these instructions in place so that the Body of Christ can continue to prosper their way into the Kingdom.

Suffering tends to press us closer to God, which in turn enters us closer into His Kingdom. Wherever there’s a kingdom, there is a King. As we seek the Kingdom of God within us we are bound to eventually meet the King. We want to be ready for this meeting (as best we can) when it takes place. Be of good cheer… In the world we will have tribulations, but remember that Christ has overcome this world in our behalf.



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